A fence has many more purposes than it once had, to solely secure and surround your home or property.

Yes, a fence can give security, privacy and protection from weather and the elements.

However, choosing a fence is based on more than purely its functional purpose. Beside a fences traditional use, a fence can play a large part in the atmosphere or look of a home, business or outdoor area. For example, a privacy screen separating an outdoor dining area to the rest of the backyard can create a more intimate feel while giving protection to the elements.

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Fences have slowly emerged as a decorative feature. For timber panelled feature walls or attached to ceilings. A slatted wood fence can completely change an area’s décor inside or outside. No matter where you want or need to install a fence, how big or small it need to be, how simple or complicated we will find the perfect fence for your needs and wants.

Our clients come to us looking for the perfect fence for their homes, properties, businesses, pools, enclosing and encasing (some may say hiding) equipment including rubbish bins, air conditioning units, and storage sections. Fence options are as long and wide as the horizon, and they can come in all types of shapes and sizes, materials, colours and more. Depending on your preference for timber, aluminium, steel, broad or short, manual or automatic. The options are endless, and they can be overwhelming. There’s a reason we’re the fencing contractors Newcastle home and business owners turn to when considering an upgrade to their fences.

Finding the right type of fence for your home, property or business can be no simple task, and this is where our 50 years of combined experience comes in

we will listen, design and plan the perfect fence for your needs. As you can see, there are so many options for fencing, opening directions, materials, shapes, sizes and even controls.  At ifence, our goal is to ensure no customer leaves without receiving the best advice on fencing and to make sure we have done everything possible to identify the best fence for their home or property. We have fence options to suit every home, property businesses function, size, and budget.

Below are some of the fencing types that we stock:


Tubular fences and gates are available in a wide range of designs and colours that are suitable for domestic and commercial projects. They can be manufactured in steel or aluminium depending on the scope of work or customers requirements. They may be customised to include flat top, rod top, contemporary, spears as well as many inclusions to enhance the design such as diamond, square, cross or circle decorators. We cover all sizes from standard panel widths and height to special sizes that are curved, arch top and raked. We are limited only by our customer’s imagination.


Speartop fences and gates are available in a wide range of designs and colours that are suitable for domestic and commercial projects. They can be manufactured in steel or aluminium depending on the scope of work or customers’ requirements however spears are aluminium cast even on steel or aluminium pickets. They may be customised to include any style of spear(s) or add a enhance the design of the fence or gate by incorporating different types of inserts or decorators. We are limited only by our customer’s imagination.


If privacy and budget are the key decision drives, colorbond is the fence of choice in Australia. Its durable and long lasting, is available in a wide variety of colours and sizes making it ideal in all types of weather conditions and locations. Fence and gates may be customised to suit any location no matter how steep.


Diplomat fencing is designed to give you peace of mind that your property and assets are protected. Diplomat fences are perfect for preventing unauthorised access to premises while providing a pleasing design with complete visibility.

ifence’s diplomat fences include security rail brackets and anti-theft security screws. Typical sites that use diplomat fences and gates are government institutions, rail corp, council, general commercial and schools.

Accoustic & Timber

Increasingly acoustic fencing requirements are specified by councils especially for commercial projects that impact residential properties with noise such as drive-thru restaurants, childcare, retirement village, schools, service stations etc. We cover a full range of acoustic fencing solutions from timber lap and cap in hardwood and treated right through to modular wall systems including the Peace & Quite system.


ifence supplies and installs chain wire fences and gates mainly for commercial and rural projects with an increasing demand in designing and installing a variety of storage cages using chain wire for high density complexes where space is a premium. We can customize our chain wire storage cages to any space and design. We are limited only by our customer’s imagination.


Stylish and elegant, glass can add value and peace of mind to a home or commercial project. Most commonly used on balconies or pool areas, it allows for clear site and visibility whilst keeping the area safe and secure. Add accessories such as balustrades, rails or frameless to enhance the look and functionality.

Our service

What we do?

At ifence we supply, install and repair all types of slat fences. We will take the time to visit your home or business and listen to your needs before providing options and advice that we believe are best suited to you. With over 50 years of experience in slat fencing in Newcastle, no installation job is too big or too small for our team of qualified tradesmen. We can also custom design, manufacture, install and paint slat fencing if our options don’t tick all your boxes.

Customised Fencing

At ifence we also customise and tailor to your home, property or businesses needs and dimensions. We will take the time to visit your property or business, measure, listen and provide advice on what we think is the fence product to suit your needs.

Call us today for your entire slat fencing needs on (02) 4048 0789 and make us your choice for fencing in Newcastle!

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