Commercial Fencing

Every home, business or property deserves to be protected from a security and a safety viewpoint from the inside out. When chosen correctly, it's not often that you will need to replace and install a new fence or gate for your property or business. And only then will many of our clients will realise the difference a quality fence or gate makes compared to a rusted or rotted wooden fence that has well outlasted its use by.

Our aim is to let you get back to your business activities and not worry about how the security and safety of your business could be at risk.

At ifence, we have many options of fences and gates for every type of businesses shapes, sizes, and activities. We manufacture and supply only the highest quality products that are produced on-site and ready to be customised and installed at your business.

Commercial Fences

We understand that safety and security are imperative for your businesses success and day-to-day functioning no matter how big or small. Our extensive range of fences provides many options to help keep the unwanted out while being specifically suited to your business. Some of our clients have requested fences for warehouse boundaries (high security), school boundaries, property boundaries, pool compliance fencing and more.

We offer:

  • High-security chain and mesh fencing
  • Frameless glass fencing
  • Tubular fencing
  • Metal fencing, and
  • Timber fencing and more.


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Commercial Gates

Are designed to make your daily entry and exit so much easier. Our ranges of gates include manual or automatic gates that function by remote control access or with the use of sensors. Remote Control gates are a straightforward and attractive choice for low activity areas whereas sensor controlled gates are perfect for high traffic driveways, garages, warehouses and shop fronts making your entry and exit quicker and effortless.

Some of our automatic gate options include:

Swinging Gates – good choice for driveways where space is not limited (for entire gate to swing)

Sliding Gates – the most common for driveways especially when on slopes, commercial shops use up less space

Bi-Folding Gates – perfect for driveways with restricted access and limited space, and

Vertical Lift Gates – that open straight up, a space saving option ideal for shop fronts, garages, and warehouses.

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Our Commercial Fencing Services

With over 50 years of experience commercial fencing in Newcastle and Sydney, we have designed, supplied and installed commercial fencing and gates to a range of small and large businesses and corporations. There is no installation job too big or too small for our team at ifence.

Our qualified tradesmen will inspect, measure and design a fence or gate that we believe meets all your needs and wants. Once you are happy, we will manufacture and install your chosen fence or gate quickly and efficiently when it best suits you.

At ifence, our service is not limited to the supply and installation of a commercial fence or gate we also provide a commercial repair and maintenance service. We will investigate, assess, repair or replace your faulty or damaged fence or gate as soon as possible to get your business moving as smoothly as it should.

Call us today for your entire slat fencing needs on (02) 4048 0789 and make us your choice for commercial fencing in Newcastle!

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