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Home designs can be an expression of their proud owners and selecting a fence that suits the home can be a daunting task to ensure it complements its style and design as well as provide the security and functionality its built for.

At ifence, we are excited to help you choose a fence and gate that fits your home’s design and meets Australia’s standards and conditions to ensure you enjoy it for many years into the future.

ifence can also help you in making the most of your fencing needs by integrating decorative elements such as slats, infills, letterboxes, modular or acoustic infills if noise is an issue. We will help you choose a fence that will not only enhance your home’s design and appeal but also its value.


Partner with ifence from planning through to completion stage on your commercial projects. We have worked with many of the countries leading civil & building companies and contractors to ensure a seamless manufacturing and installations process that can be tailored to all stages of the building project no matter how complex or unique the project.

We work with you locally and nationally to ensure a high quality outcome that is consistent with a single site or across multiple sites. We will communicate with you regularly so that you are up to date on a real time basis on all aspects of the installation process.

ifence works in collaboration with our partners to ensure we meet strict safety requirements on and off project sites. We provide SWMS through consultation as well as through consultation through site visits on all projects. We guarantee all our employees and contractors are in compliance with internal and client policies and procedures.

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